Yorkshire Pudding

Hey hey πŸ™‚ How are y’all doing? I’m having a fun time up in yorkshire (north of the uk for those of you unfamiliar with it). I’m up here visiting my aunt and cousin who I haven’t seen for 2 years!! I was in hospital for most of last year and refused to have family visitors so they actually haven’t seen me since before my ED began. Its such a weirs feeling seeing family and knowing that the hardly recognise you 😦 If your wondering why I look so different even though I’m almost weight restored its because I used to be a top rower. So I was very bulky and muscular, a far cry from what I look like now. Its make me sad to know that I threw away so much but achieved so little 😦 anyway, enough of the depressing stuff and on to something more uplifting… The title of this post.

Basically, I texted my friend yesterday to tell him I going to yorkshire this weekend and when he replied I expected to be met with a letter of farewell (he’s cool like that) but instead I received the lovely news that I’m going to “turn into a yorkshire pudding” – isn’t he cute haha. I love the way he treats me like a normal person. (For those of you who don’t know what a yorkshire pudding is, its a cup shaped crispy dough made from baked pancake batter). He really cheered me up. Do you ever find that a single comment from a friend makes you feel better ?

Won’t be able to post many eats for the next couple of days as the fam might think its a bit weird to take photos of food lol. But from my lunch today I have a couple ( apologies for the bad quality. I had to take them with my crappy blackberry camera waaaa).

Sushi FTW πŸ™‚

My Yummy Fruit Salad

Upside-Down Cake Anyone?

Thankyou for reading – feel free to comment.
Bye πŸ™‚


Oh I almost forgot, I have one last thing to say. Head on over toΒ Katie’s blog. Delicious and healthy recipes – what more could you want !!

About Maria

16 year old who is learning to love life again and embracing recovery from anorexia.
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10 Responses to Yorkshire Pudding

  1. Erica says:

    Have fun with the fam! I’m sure they will be thrilled to see you. The upside down cake looks super tasty.

  2. M&S sushi = WIN!! Oh, it’s so delicious… although I find M&S and Waitrose make each piece really big, it’s really hard to eat it in a ladylike manner! I make such a mess, soy sauce dribbling everywhere, haha!

    I’m glad your friend was able to cheer you up πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine a better compliment, Yorkshires are delish!

    If you don’t mind me asking, whereabouts in Yorkshire are you? You can be as vague as you like, I’m not asking in a creepy stalker type way – it’s just I went to uni in Hull for 3 years! Yorkshire has a special place in my heart!
    Hope you have a great time up there!


    • Maria says:

      Haha very true about the sushi… luckily the only person observing me was my dad but it was still very unladylike!

      Erm we’re in Hebden Bridge, pretty awesome place, but absolutely freezing cold 😦 and agreed, Yorkshire Puddings are so yummy. I have them whenever we have a roast, my family try to tell me that its not “traditional”, but I never listen hehe.
      What did you study at uni?

      • Ahh, that’s far away from where I was. Although I seem to remember seeing it as a stop on the timetable board at the train station! Random..
        Bah, I think ALL roast dinners should come with ALL the trimmings! My family always tell me it’s not traditional to have stuffing with beef… we shall not listen!
        Oh, and I studied Psychology (yes, almost ironic!) xxx

  3. I hope you are having/had fun in Yorkshire πŸ™‚ I agree – sometimes it’s just the simplest things someone can say and it just makes me feel so loved and cared for!
    Th upside down cake looks amazing!

  4. Taylor says:

    upside down cake…drool…ahh…WANTTTT!

    i’m glad you’re having fun in yorkshire. does your family know about the blog? and i understand what you mean about feeling weird having them see you and not even know who you are practically…but know that even though you may not be the muscular rower you once were, you are definitely more healthy than you were in your ED and that you can get back to that fit physique if you want to. But in a way this is kind of a reminder of what you have now that ED took away from you: your family! You can actually see them now without a ton of anxiety or fear or distracted thoughts and maybe possibly eat some Yorkshire pudding with them, too. :]


    • Maria says:

      Yep, apple and ginger upside down cake (and I had a WHOLE SLICE) – yuuum
      Nahh, they dnt know about my blog, they’d probably think it was really weird and pointless. Thankyou for the comment, it really made me think about what i’ve gained in recovery πŸ™‚ Makes it easier if I know good things come out of my efforts. xxxx

  5. UPSIDE DOWN CAKE!! ahh what i wouldn’t give πŸ˜‰


  6. Katie says:

    Mmm, upside down cake…yes please! It’s one of my favorites. Have fun with your family!

  7. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Have fun with your family! I love reconnecting with family members I haven’t seen in years πŸ™‚

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