A Busy Week

Sorry about being MIA for the past week, I’ve just got back to school and had a lot of work etc. to do. I think I’m just getting back into the swing of things and I’ve found myself with a bit of free time to so a post. Smile  How are you all?

So yeh, my trip to see my family was really good, and a nice break. When we got back I went back to my mum’s house as she and my stepdad were back from Egypt ( If I haven’t already said my parents are divorced and my mum has married again and had a sister with her new husband – but I’ll do a full post on that some other time. ). I barely had time to get settled then it was time to go to CAHMS and get weighed, I gained 0.3 kg (just under a pound) in the last week. Not great tbh, but unfortunately ED was bugging me. Going on  about how it was too much blah blah blah. I didn’t restrict but for the next day or so it was tough, and it showed. Later that day I met with my friend Grace, I love her to pieces and she recently moved to boarding school so I couldn’t wait to spend the day with her. It was fabby to see her again and our friendship just fell back into place. That evening we went to her friends house and had such a good time and we got….. CHINESE TAKEOUT! Oh mi gosh, it was such a challenge, especially having gained weight. But I did it and I really enjoyed myself – and I had the chance to meet all of Grace’s friends which was fab.

Anyway, skip forward a few days and I was off again – this time to Switzerland to see some old friends of my stepdad, but they have a son my age who I’d met a few times. Well, we immediately hit it off and spent the whole weekend like we we’d know each other forever – it was so great! We went out on both nights to the pub where I developed a love of baileys and realised that in Switzerland I am somewhat of a beauty. Haha, it was pretty fun to have all the boys swooning over me Smile And Oscar (the boy I was staying with) was so nice at pointing out that I look amazing and shouldn’t even think about losing more weight (obviously he knew about my ED). I was really sad to leave but I really hope to go back soon.

And then it was back to school again… such a letdown if I’m honest. The work is already piling up and on top of that I have a cold and had to come home at lunch today because I felt so terrible! Luckily I’ve managed to get some of my homework done but it’s still not great. We just had a firework show in my garden with my family – so fun, my little sister (she’s 5) can be so cute. She was really scared but trying to be all macho Smile with tongue out

Anyway, on to some eats of the past week :


              Some wholewheat spaghetti with peas and a sweet chilli Philadelphia sauce


Singapore noodles from m&s “fuller for longer” range


Lunch today : Oatmeal with melted raspberries and blueberries. Yum Smile


Frozen Berries with fromage frais and splenda


Pudding ! – A custard chouz bun. Omg so yummy,


These are da bomb. Seriously, try them if you can ! These are like my go to comfort food. Do you have any foods that make you feel so much better?


Thanks for reading guys. Hope your all doing ok Smile Hopefully I shall be posting again very soon as my weekend plans are pretty non existant right now (can’t wait to just chill ).


About Maria

16 year old who is learning to love life again and embracing recovery from anorexia.
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9 Responses to A Busy Week

  1. YUM! 🙂 whole wheat spaghetti & peas! i loveeeeee peas. preferably from the can haha.
    ❤ ps-great lunch choice! 😀


  2. I’ve just bought some of those Marmite rice cakes! I’ll look forward to them now, having read this 🙂

  3. juliakatz1996 says:

    Omg these recipes look amazing… I must try them! *Rushes to the kitchen*

  4. So glad you had a good time with your family! 🙂 And it’s great that you could battle the ED to enjoy the chinese takeout with your friends! Girly nights in just aren’t the same if you’re worrying about calories..
    Mmm… melty oatmeal! I love exploding blueberries in mine!
    It’s great to see you back & posting. Hope the cold is on the mend too 😀

  5. inmytummy says:

    Sounds like you had a good time on your trip.

  6. Just came by to see how you’re getting on… long time no post… hope you’re OK and it’s just that you’re busy with the fun things in your life!
    xxx fi

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