Why I Don’t Like Wimbledon Fair


Just a quick post as I’m going to bed soon. So tired and I’m hoping to get up early so I can run without being jeered at by the Wimbledon Fair-goers (there is currently the annual fair on Wimbledon common, needless to say I am not a fan, and I don’t like the way there are now caravans parked over my running track ! ).

Anywayys, I shall quit complaining. On Friday morning I was lured out of bed at the prospect of this:



That would be toffee yoghurt, LOTS of fruit Smile, frosties and a lil’ whipped cream.







Oats – Plain and simple. But then I loaded them up with peanut butter and agave (what can I say… I’m just not a “plain” sorta girl haha)




The rest of the was fun, got to leave school at 12.15 Open-mouthed smile…. I am loving my free periods at the moment haha. I went and sussed out a new gym (the YMCA), looked pretty good, 12 classes a day? YES PLEASE! So excited to be joining soon.

I came home and was itching for a run, so I thought I’d do an easy 4 miles before lunch. Very enjoyable … even if I did have to avoid a few caravans. Standard post run photos :

P1030016      P1030020 

Oh lovely post run glow, how I have missed you!

After lunch ( which was packed up because I didn’t realise I would be allowed to leave school before lunch) I showered and packed to go to my boyfriends house (he lives about 40 minutes train ride away, but we make it work Smile ) and stayed there for the night. The night included A LOT of food (there a family of 5 boys!) and I loved it, no pics sorry, they don’t know about the blog. Dinner was baked potato’s, chicken marinated in basil oil and broccoli (I FORCED them to eat their broccoli – even though they are 13,17,18,21 and 25, they still gotta eat their greens! haha). Then I had smarties, a chocolate chip cookie, a fairy cake and some midnight snacking of roasted red pepper soup, NOMMM.

Chilled at Joe’s (my bf) house this morning, did some stretching and didn’t go for a run as I had set today aside as a “rest” day, but boy did that take some doing! It was so sunny out I was just dying to go and run in the sunshine, but I had a nice leisurely walk in town insted. And I bought some CASHEW BUTTER, I haven’t had it in AGESSSS ! But I used to love it so I can’t wait to try it tomorrow. Smile

Right, now I’m off for a quick snack then its a nice hard run tomorrow morning. I am so PUMPED for it haha (yes, I know, I’m a looooooser Smile with tongue out). And I shall tell you what I think of the cashew butter tomorrow. Night all xx


About Maria

16 year old who is learning to love life again and embracing recovery from anorexia.
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5 Responses to Why I Don’t Like Wimbledon Fair

  1. yum your yogurt looks awesome! and your post run glow is gorgeous 🙂
    I used to force my boyfriend to eat his veggies now he just enjoys them on his own!

  2. I put whipped cream on my cereal, too! And my yogurt. And my ice cream. And my bananas. I have a problem, obviously :D.

  3. oh gosh girl – your post run glow is my post-run-hot-mess! 😉 How did I not know toffee yogurt existed? oh. my. gosh!

    • Maria says:

      You’ve never had toffee yoghurt ? 😮 .. You are missing out! Its so yummy haha, I have to limit myself to one a day (okay, 2 on weekends :p).

  4. Yum, toffee yogurt sounds awesome–I have never head of it, either. I wonder if that’s a UK thing? Also…what are frosties? And your post-run glow is gorgeous! I just turn into a red sweaty mess. My face goes from white to red in 5 seconds. It’s not hot, hehe:).

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