Thankyou for all your comments on my last post. I took your advice and swapped my run for a doctors appointment (I really don’t think this is a fair swap haha). He says I have “Anterior Knee Pain”, which, from what I can tell is basically a posh way of saying my knee is hurting and not actually a diagnosis at all. Anyway, the jist of the meeting was that I should do no exercise (except walking) until it stops hurting, elevate it, ice it and take ibuprofen. So, thats what I’m doing. Its pretty funny actually, in every lesson at school you’ll find me sitting there with my leg on a chair and an ice pack on it. But hey, its doctors orders!

I’m not gonna lie, not running yesterday was hard, and I struggled a lot with the guilt of no exercise. But today I made a real effort to keep on track – wouldn’t want to miss out on WIAW !! Speaking of WIAW, this is what I ate:


                                                       cb&j oats. Nom, I love breakfast Smile

P1030053 Far to many of these… note to self, get over addiction !!

Lunch was very nice actually, a quorn cottage pie, didn’t quite look like the box tho :/

P1030054 vs.   P1030055







Then for some epic fruit action:



For some snacking in the afternoon I wanted only 2 things, popcorn and these (I say these because I’ve had about 5 today)…



Dinner was chilli con carne with potato wedges, kinda nice but I feel very ill now. Meat doesn’t seem to like me and I don’t like it. But my mother thinks it’s an ED thing and makes me eat it (same reason why I’m not allowed to be vegan) eugh Sad smile


I tried to disguise the taste with cucumber, it didn’t work. So, that is what I ate Wednesday. No exercise (rawrrr ) but I did go and visit a gym. Can’t wait to join!


How much do you pay for your gym membership? This one will be about £20 a month for full use of gym and classes (no pool tho).

Do you ever have guilty feelings if you are unable to exercise (eg. With an injury)? I’m struggling with this right now Sad smile. Trying desperately not to restrict. Words of wisdom are welcome !!


About Maria

16 year old who is learning to love life again and embracing recovery from anorexia.
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13 Responses to WIAW

  1. Looks like a whole lot of great eats ! Sorry your mom wont let you skip the meat. But I actually understad her. My mom is the same way, and she is kind of right. Not that being vegan is the same as having an ED (absolutelly not!), but maybe more the restricton part of it, and that it makes me/us fear a whole lot of food. I want to stay vegan, but ther is a whole lot of rules I want to break that I have made up over the years!
    Have a great day 🙂

  2. Errign says:

    I total tend to feel guilty if I can’t/don’t exercise. Weird thing to feel bad about, but mostly for me, I think it comes from loving exercise. Hope your knee starts to feel better soon!

    I used to eat so much Quorn products when I lived in Ireland…never eaten it back in the states though, for some weird reason. I still miss some products I used to eat there & I haven’t lived there for nearly 5 years haha!

  3. I’m actually looking to join a gym while I’m in London next semester. I’m hoping it won’t be too much money.
    It is SO HARD not to exercise when you’re feeling guilty and you’re not supposed to. I’m proud of you for staying on track though. Hopefully you can get your mom to hear you about not wanting to eat meat, or eat fish, or just eat less meat. I understand how it could be an ED thing. My mom still sometimes thinks my vegetarianism is about ED, which it isn’t.
    Exercise can be hard to not think about. Try doing some gentle yoga or even meditation. A slow walk does wonders as does dancing (intensity can vary). Try these out they always help me!

  4. kelly says:

    Hi! My name is Kelly. I came across your blog and i really enjoy your pictures and food ideas! So i thought i’d subscribe.
    I understand why your mom would think that. I went vegan in August as a disguise to loose weight. Not that i wasn’t interested in veganism, because i had been wanting to be vegetarian for 3 years but my mom never supported it. I think she realized it wasn’t just a silly “phase” i was going through which is why she finally just let me do it. However, going vegan has contributed to my fears of certain foods.

  5. awww i’m sorry your mom keeps making you eat the meat even though it doesn’t taste very good — i dont like most meats so I really hear ya on that! my mom always served 1 thing and I haaaaad to eat it! eep! anywho! your fruit bowls look GORGEOUS and if you need a tip for overcoming the diet soda addiction — get fruit flavored fizzy water! The lime ones are my favorite — they give all the bubble of the soda but are just water and natural fruit! so awesome! ❤ hope that helps! Glad you joined us today and hope you had a fantabulous WIAW! mwah!

  6. Meri says:

    I’m not gonna lie- I haven’t even reached the stage of WANTING to get over Diet coke addiction… so you’re ahead of me 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Aw, I am so sorry that your “diagnosis” was pretty much that your knee hurts and to stay off of it:(. I am dealing with a sprained foot right now so I totally feel you on being frustrated that I can’t run. Just try and be patient, even though it’s tough. If you go back to running on it too soon it will just take longer to heal:/. Mmm, your fruit popsicle and fruit bowls look awesome. I’m sorry about the meat thing…that’s frustrating that your mom is like that. Even though I eat meat I am weird about certain ones and especially chicken sometimes for some reason:/.

  8. Sorry to hear about your bummed knee! I completely understand that guilt feeling. It’s a really hard emotion to handle. I try to do things to take my mind off the fact that I didn’t work out and that I’m not exercising. But it’s best to listen to your body and let it know when it’s tired. You can always do arm weights ! maybe sitting down 🙂
    You’ll get back into running sooner if you rest than if you don’t. that’s what i always try to remind myself as hard as it is.
    Sorry about your mom not understanding the meat thing. That really sucks!

  9. Anastasia says:

    All your food looks so tasty! The cottage pie and popcorn are right up my alley :]

    Be sure and let your knee heal. I know how hard it is not to work out because of a knee injury. I had one a few months back and just thought I’d tough it out and keep exercising. Biiiiig mistake! I irritated it even more and ended up having to take almost a month off. Just keep it elevated, ice it and you’ll be good to go soon!

  10. Your fruit looks so yummy! My gym membership is just under $30 a month, and includes all the classes and a pool.

  11. My gym membership is right around $30, which isn’t bad… but then I also have a membership at the work gym that is like $15 a month… haha

    I have a diet coke addiction too!

  12. YAY WIAW partayyyy!!! What you could do is suggest an alternative to meat to your mom. For example, you might not want meat in your chili (heck sometimes I don’t!) but you want the protein so replace it with tofu, edamame, beans, maybe even a bit of quinoa etc. By giving your mom the alternative it may make her feel more comfortable with eliminating one aspect of your meal!

  13. cottage pie?! holy yum!

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